I LOVE garage a garage sale! I am an organization freak and love to declutter so garage sales are perfect for me...I get to make money, organize and declutter!

Our neighborhood allows an annual garage throughout the year to help keep me organized I have a bin or drawer in each room to keep my garage sale items. Then when the annual date comes up I can
get my items together much quicker.

A few tips for a successful garage sale:

  • Price / tag your items with prices to can also tell folks to make you an offer as you greet them the day of the sale
  • Be like / similiar items together
  • Use tables to display your items...please don't put your items all over the ground...a sheet on the ground does not help! If you don't have tables ask a neighbor or friend, use stacked bins, be creative
  • Save up those plastic grocery store bags so you can offer a bag to your buyer
  • Create some great childhood memories for your little one with a lemonade stand...let them make their own sign, give them a table and a cute umbrella and add some real whole lemons on the table
  • Have a cooler with ice and bottles of water and cans of soda that you can sell for .50 or .75 each
  • Donate what doesn't sell to a place like Goodwill or The Salvation Army
  • Check out my page on eBay before you put stuff to the garage sale pile!

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