I saw a sign on a church the other day that read "Stay at home parents do not raise go to worship children." What they were getting at was if parents stay home on Sunday and don't attend a worship service chances are pretty good that the children they raise will not be going to worship services on Sunday when they are older either.

That point applies in everything we do as parents. You often hear it said that "we" need to do something to make the world a better place, to help others, to give back to our communities. If our children don't see us giving back how can we expect them to grow up to be giving adults? Giving can be in the form of our time and skills by volunteering or giving financially to help an organization that you believe in.

On my budgets page I discussed budgeting your amount of donations monthly. I think for most we immediately think of our local church. I know that our church uses donations to help families in our community with food and supplies, as well as other ministries. There are additional organizations that are worthy of your consideration as well.

I welcome your comments and suggestions of organizations.

Here are some organizations that fellow moms would like to share with you...thanks for contributing:

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