We all have talents and experiences and when you are ready to transition to a stay at home mom or already are one and looking to make money from home, look first to your talents. I know there are many offers out there to earn money from home and it is hard to tell which ones are reputable...but you can always trust yourself and the skills you have!

I have used my skills to work part time from home in the real estate business...I was a realtor but transitioned in to administrative roles that many of us possess the skills to succeed. Regardless of the housing market, houses are bought and sold...agents need assistance and many of them prefer the contract / part time help a stay at home mom can offer since they only pay for what you do as opposed to paying someone to sit in an office and surf the net for most of the day! Many of us know at least one realtor and that one person can help you get your foot in the door with at least one agent that is looking for some part time virtual assistant help. Here are some tasks you can do:

  • Check voicemail remotely and return phone calls 
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Organize files 
  • Receive and send faxes 
  • Take photographs of listings 
  • Complete forms / contracts
Once you get started with an agent additional tasks will follow, as well as additional agents who have heard of what you can do for them.

Make a list of what you like to do and what skills you are good at.

Now, think of how your skills can fill a need for someone.

Take action...pick up the phone or send an e-mail, network with someone that can get you one step closer to you making money from home on your schedule!

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