If you like shopping this might be a great way for you to earn some extra spending money! I researched many companies to make sure I found legitimate companies that paid. Here are a couple that I have done shops for and e-mail opportunities weekly:

Sign up to become a shopper on their site directly. There are some companies out there that charge you to get lists of companies that hire secret shoppers, but these should get you started to see if it is something you like.

Some shops will require that you bring a child, others may require that you don't bring any children on the
shop. I have done shops while I was out for the day with my mom and daughter...grandma would watch my
daughter while I took the 15 minutes to perform the shop. Some shops may require that a male be present and the shopping company has allowed my husband to play the shopper role and for me to complete the shop that way.

You are not employed by the secret shop company, so you will need to keep records to report your income when you file your taxes.


Here is another way I have found to earn some extra cash...surveys! I know many of us can spend many hours on the internet on social networking sites, playing games, looking up stuff...but here is a productive way to spend some of that time and make your opinion count!

Again here I did a lot of research to find reputable companies that paid. These are the companies that I
get consistent daily e-mails with opportunities for surveys. How much you will earn will depend on how
much time you put in to taking surveys. I have done surveys that have paid anywhere from .50 to $8 each. There are sometimes sign-up bonuses paid when you register with the company too!

Some companies pay out in points that can convert to cash payouts, others pay straight to cash and you meet a threshhold of say $10 - $25 and then request a payout, others pay points which convert to items, and
some give entries to sweepstakes as reward for completing the survey.

These companies will again, get you started to see if this is something you would like to pursue:
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