Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Him: Here With Me

September 21, 2010

Here With Me by Mercy Me sums up the past several months for me! It is such a comfort and a blessing to know that we are never alone!

I have so much to share with you, so much I am thankful for! Part of my delay in sharing has been me thinking "is this too personal?" and let's face it...the other part of my delay is the days get so full don't they?

My pastor said a few weeks ago that for many people "we are the only Bible they will ever read." I took that statement to heart and thought, "How many of us have personal stories of God's faithfulness that need to be shared with others so they too may believe and have hope in Him?"

I'll start with the biggest news first! As many of you know, we are blessed with a girlie who is 5. We have tried, prayed and kept faith that if it was God's will and plan to have another child, it would happen in His time, not ours!

A couple of years ago my OB told me I was at the start of menopause and suggested hormone pills to bring my levels up...especially if we wanted another child. I filled the prescription...once...and never took them! A year later back to the OB and my annual exam was a little better, but he said my progesterone was still low, too low to hold a pregnancy, suggested the pills again. Again I filled them...once...and never took them. At that point I prayed that God's will be done.

Now, I know some of you may have taken hormone pills and they helped you. Wonderful blessings for you! This was a faith walk for me and I was fully prepared that if it was not His will to bless us with another child I would seek what His will was for my life instead.

Much to our surprise, after taking the 100th home pregnancy test in April...It was positive! A blood test that same day at my doctor's office confirmed the pregnancy and that my hormone levels were GREAT, progesterone level was excellent!! Praise God!

The first three months I was sick and had a couple of spotting scares, but I continued to pray to God, trust in Him, and have a thankful heart for the miracle that every pregnancy is!

I am 27 weeks now...we are expecting a baby boy! I welcome comments with what your favorite boy names are as we are still undecided on a name!

We continue to pray and have faith in Him for the blessing of this baby to our family.

I have also started a new adventure with my girlie...homeschool! I have known since before she was born that my desire was to homeschool her...then we found out I was pregnant and due in the middle of the school year.

Again, we turned to prayer. My husband and I agreed to follow through on our plans. I have always believed that if you are doing what God wants you to do it will not feel like a daily struggle.

We are in week 5 of Kindergarten and girlie and I love it! Yes, I know, wait until the baby comes! Thankfully this is kindergarten and not more than 3-4 hours a day in core studies! I'll keep you posted on how this goes...daily prayer will be first on the list for each day for sure!

Bible is part of our daily curriculum with girlie and when we say The Lord's Prayer..."give us THIS day our daily bread" has strong meaning for us now too. I previously posted about my hubby's change in companies and the changes to income/bonuses that came with that. We are walking with God, trusting in Him. He IS in control and we trust that He will show us where He wants us to be.

We have so much to be thankful for, if we just look with a thankful heart!

I hope to share more messages from my pastor...I have been saving my notes with that plan in mind...I just may not be able to post as often as I was. Until next time...

In Him,

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