Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Create Your Own Signature For FREE

January 25, 2010

Have you noticed the nifty "signatures" on blogs, posts, e-mails, and websites? Of course they are always so much nicer than our own "real" signatures aren't they? I have seen some super cute ones on blogs and kudos to those ladies that make them as custom pieces.

As a mom who tries to be smart with our family's money I have learned to ask myself lots of questions when I am thinking about spending money. Do I need it? Do I really, really want it? Are there other alternatives that may be less expensive and still make me happy?

So of course I love the custom signatures...but I found an alternative and it is free! I am still exploring HTML code and haven't experimented with adding a picture yet, but I love tech stuff so maybe I will try that eventually. I know this won't be as fancy as the custom pieces but that brings me back to my questions...will this version still make me happy? Yes...for now. ;o)

To create your own signature visit My Live Signature and in a few simple easy steps you will have your own cool signature! Just bookmark the page with the HTML codes for use in blogs, posts, websites and e-mails so you can use it again & again!

I have also played a bit with creating your own buttons...stay tuned for a further post on that!

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