Sunday, January 31, 2010

Second Car...To Buy Or Not To Buy?

January 31, 2010

How long does it take you to make a decision on a major purchase? I used to be pretty impulsive I have to admit. That might be why early on I made mistakes with money and credit. But, you know what they say about mistakes...learn from them! My husband on the other hand takes several months to decide on a new pair of sneakers...used to drive me crazy, but I have learned to appreciate his thoroughness.

So I think we are approaching a year on our discussion of whether or when to buy a second car! I have gotten much better at weighing out the impacts of every purchase we make and the time he takes to make a decision on a purchase has helped me improve that skill.

This is actually the second time in our married life that my hubby and I are sharing a car. We carpooled for about 2 years to work together and it wasn't a hardship gave us more chat time. Then we had a few years as a two car family and now we are full circle back with one car again for almost two years now. Seems we haven't had much luck with my husband's trucks!

The good things we have enjoyed from one car have been no car payments, lower car insurance and more family time. I batch my erands so I am not constantly running each day of the week. We have also been blessed with being able to manage between hubby's days off or help from my mom.

Obviously a second car would make things more convenient. We realize that eventually we will need to make that decision, but for now we are not rushing. Our goal is to not add a car payment to our budget. Patience, planning, saving and trusting is on our agenda.

I truly believe that God does not bring us to something that He will not bring us through! Sometimes we tell ourselves we can't manage without something and then He shows us yes we can!

I found a guest post on Money Saving Mom from Frugally Blonde about their one car family experience too!

I would love to hear from you...let me know your thoughts on one car familes!

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