Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday

January 20, 2010

I am joining We Are THAT Family for Works-For-Me-Wednesday!

Does it ever amaze you how quickly your little one can "make a mess?" I think my girlie has the world record...within 10 minutes she can effectively cover every inch of the floor with toys of all sizes. This can be a bit traumatic for a neat freak like myself! I am not quite rubbing off enough on her, but I guess we are good for each other!

As a mom you know that it can take longer to clean up the mess than it does to make it! I have a love for many sizes and colors to choose from! Each room in our house has bins cleverly hidden to hold that room's toys. I have to give my girlie kudos...she KNOWS what category of toys each bin is for so when it is clean up time she puts stuff back in its assigned bin! This weekend she was even telling Daddy what toys go in which bins...and ya know how much he loved that!

Another love of mine is an item I can use beyond the next 12 months for her...combine that with bins and it's a love bonanza of organization! I was looking for more storage this month and once again found myself in Target looking at their wooden shelf thingy with the plastic bins. BUT it is $70 and has a pretty limited use for little ones stuff, when my girlie is older I would certainly be told it was too babyish for her anymore! So I didn't buy it again! I DID find a great solution that will grow with her for only $42!

These are pink crates I found in Walmart in the office supply area, four of them turned on their sides. Then I found these clear bins in different sizes in Walmart and added them to the crates leaving room on the bottom to add some books and her doctor gear! The great thing is these can be taken apart and used however and wherever she needs them as she grows! This definitely works for me!


  1. So cute! Did they come in blue? We are moving the kids playroom to the back room and I was looking for new storage...

  2. They did have a darker color like a khaki and also black.


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