Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Electric Savings Success

February 17, 2010

I have always heard that you can save money on your electric bill by adjusting your thermostat even a couple of degrees. I've read articles that even said to set your temperature to 60 degrees at night and 65 degrees in the hubby and I laughed and thought that's a bit extreme! Then my daughter a few months ago was on playing a learning game with Arthur on green living...wouldn't you know the question of which is greener in the winter turning up the heat or cuddling up in a blanket was asked! We decided to give it a go, after all we COULD save money!

I am super excited to report that Arthur was right! Normally in the middle of summer in Central Florida and during the coldest winter months (we had ice snow don't ya know here a month ago!) I am afraid to open the electric bill! Our KWH usage was about 345 KWH under what it was in the same month the year before for each of the past two months. So what, right? Well, speaking in dollars and cents our bills in the winter and summer (did I mention I love the spring?) are around $275 -$350 a month, but the past two months have been around $190 per month!

So have we been living in an igloo? No silly! We do wear cozy, warm pants and shirts during the day and let the sun shine in...warms our family room nicely! At night we throw an extra blanket on. We lowered the temperature four degrees, it's been two and a half months: no one is sick and we saved money while helping the environment!

Kim at Mom Tried It has a great post today on saving electric with some fun light switches that encourage the kids to do their part too!

This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family. Check out the other great ideas that are linked up at We Are That Family too!


  1. That's great! Thanks for sharing your success.

  2. When I was in university in Ohio, I lived on the 3rd floor of a 3-story apartment building. When my roomie was out of town or gone for the weekends (and sometimes when she wasn't paying attention) I completely shut off the heat. Since we had neighbors below, there was no worry of water pipe explosions, and honestly, comfy sweats are the best for at-home lounging anyway.

  3. That's awesome. My parents are so crazy, they turn their heat COMPLETELY off at night (they say they just use a bunch of blankets.) I think it works though, their bill is so low compared to ours. I don't know if I can go that far, but a few degrees might be doable! :)


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