Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girlie's Giggles

I think it would be fun if things were called what our kids think they're called, don't you?

Wouldn't it be cute to take your children to the "Babyatrician?"

Maybe our pets wouldn't mind going to see the "Vegenarian?"

You wouldn't feel guilty for eating all of those Girl Scout "Skinny Mints!"

Although I am not sure I would drink as much "Root Beard!"

Do you think Johnny Depp would appreciate his name changing to "Johnny Deaf?"

My all time favorite is that my girlie calls M&M's "Dum Dums!"

Thanks girlie for always bringing giggles to my day!

What has your kiddo renamed?



  1. Love it! Good job for writing these down. Oh how I wished I would of kept better notes. These are the best memories. Thanks for a sweet laugh and good memory!!

  2. Oh, I definitely like babyatrician ha ha. it would be fun to switch up words now and then. I sometimes repeat my daughters silly little words too


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