Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Write It Down!

March 3, 2010

I often joke that I must have passed my brain cells to my girlie because I just can't remember things like I used to! Thankfully I have always been a planner, love writing stuff down and really get excited when I look at my lovely lists and see lots of check marks!

I used to assume that everyone wrote stuff down and planned like I did, until I started teaching classes on planning basics and goal setting. I know you may be shocked, but lots of people just rely on their memory and wing it!

I realize that planning is easier for me because it is part of my personality and who I am. For others it is a real challenge to train themselves to do this. I have learned over the years that first you need to want to be more organized & remember things that are important to you. Second, I have learned that there is not one "right" tool to need to use what works for you so you want to keep using it. Maybe it's a simple spiral notebook you always keep with you or for others it may be some version of a calendar or electronic gadget.

Writing stuff down has worked for me from remembering to do simple tasks like prepare and mail in rebates before I miss the date to planning larger events like my girlie's birthday party and family vacations.

For tips and how-to details on planning check out my Planning page.

This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family, hosted this week at Rocks In My Dryer. Check out the other helpful tips here.


  1. Ha! I used to be organized, then I had kids. Now I have three planners,and stuff written on all of them. Doesn't do me much good!

  2. HI Vicki! I can understand that! One thing I cautioned folks about in class was that if you use more than one calendar/planner/tool you can have stuff fall through the cracks unless you are super thorough and consistent about looking in each one daily.


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