Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Green Kids

My girlie was watching Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures on PBS Kids the other day and the teacher on there said "A long, long time ago back in 1970 the first Earth Day was celebrated!" My first reaction was "What does she mean a long, long time ago back in 1970??"

Once I was able to move beyond feeling old I really appreciated the good lesson they were teaching. My girlie has also enjoyed playing Arthur's Groovy Garden that asks "which is greener" questions and you get to plant a garden. For parents, though I find Arthur's garden fun too, check out this site I found from Consumer Reports,

Here are some things we do to be greener:
  • I have a drawer that I keep paper that is used on one side. My girlie knows to use the paper from that drawer to color and draw on the other side.
  • We use CFL bulbs inside and outside, shut off lights when we are not in a room, and use the sunshine through the windows instead of turning on a light switch.
  • We recycle bin newspaper, bottles, girlie looks for the symbol on the bottom of things to see if we can recycle them.
  • We donate to Goodwill, use ebay, yard sales, and others to avoid throwing out or buying new all the time.
  • In the winter we set the heat lower and in the summer set the a/c higher.
  • We are hoping for better success this year with our garden!
  • We don't leave the water running while brushing our teeth.
  • We use rechargeable batteries in all of our toys.
  • We enjoy our bird feeder in the backyard. Here's a link for how to build a recycled one!
Hearing my girlie say say "There are little things that we can do to make a big difference!" works for me!

What do you do to be greener?

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  1. Excellent ideas! I've been really excited about 'going greener'..every little bit helps :)

    ...I still can't over the 'long, long time ago'...I was born in 1970!!!! LOL!! I feel so old now ;P

    Have a great day!!

  2. Your WFMW is almost just like mine. Great minds think alike :) Thanks for sharing your post today.


  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow, its taken me awhile,lol.
    Have a blessed day!!!

  4. Good ideas. We are trying to go greener, too. I like how you get your little girl involved. So far all my son really gets is the overflowing recycle bin is not for playing in! I am encouraged to try harder to help him understand, too. :-)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog as well, commenting and following. I am now a new follower of your blog.


  6. Great ideas. We are attempting a garden this year too. Fingers crossed!


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