Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girlie's Giggles

Sometimes I have to try so hard to not laugh out loud when my girlie says something! You know the times, when our kids are super serious and matter of fact? She is not trying to make mommy and daddy laugh at all! Then there are times when she sounds a little sassy and should be corrected and it is really hard to not laugh while telling her "That was not appropriate!"

The other day while I was getting her ready for dance class she sassily told me:

"You know I'm not your Barbie doll?"

For added emphasis she had to lift her leg up and firmly stomp her foot back down!

She gave me her "I'm sorry mommy" and hubby and I had a good giggle when I told him later that day!

What have your kids said that made you want to laugh out loud?


  1. Hiya!

    Good to have the giggles!

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